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The feature phone. Still big in Japan. Still being sold in the millions. Still relevant, though? And does it even matter what a 30-something tech writer at a Western tech site thinks? Japan's large elderly population - people who haven't even heard of Angry Birds, Gmail or Uber - they're the ones sticking to their flip phones. Hardy, easy to use and cheaper than an iPhone. (If you need a primer on the phenomenon of gara-kei, you should probably read up on that here, but in short, it's how Japan's mobile phone market sped ahead with early technologies, then faltered when smartphone competition arrived.) So let's try using one. The best and newest feature phone available in Japan, no less. It's pitched as bringing the best smartphone features to the flip form factor. Is it better than a plain, old smartphone? Good lord, no.

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Not so bad
by NuxRo on Thu 26th Mar 2015 18:22 UTC
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Some people just need a knife, not a swiss army knife.

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RE: Not so bad
by hobgoblin on Fri 27th Mar 2015 02:35 in reply to "Not so bad"
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And some should not be entrusted with safety scissors...

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