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Texas representative John Carter, chairman of the subcommittee on Homeland Security appropriations, and who sits on various other defense-related subcommittees, is hearing about cyber a lot these days. As he put it, "cyber is just pounding me from every direction." That's just the first few seconds of the very entertaining video, where Carter tries to find the right words to express his concern over new encryption standards from Apple and others.

You may laugh about this, but... These are the people running the most powerful military of the world.

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RE[4]: I guess he's a Republican
by phoehne on Sun 29th Mar 2015 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I guess he's a Republican"
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It's a little different in that we have a long experience with gun ownership, but we also have put in place effective barriers to collecting data about the effects of gun ownership. Right now, outside of 'studies' but various trade groups, there's no real understanding about the effect of gun ownership. For all those people who've purchased guns for self protection, we have no idea whether 99% of those guns will be used to effectively stop, prevent or deter an intruder (with only 1% resulting in accidental homicide or suicide), or 1% are effective at self protection (with 99% resulting in accidental homicide or suicide). We are willfully ignorant because various federal and state jurisdictions have laws that specifically prevent the collection of this information, or making grants to researchers who would study this. So if you say "I need a gun to protect myself" there's nothing out there to say getting a dog or a good burglar alarm wouldn't be more effective. Or for that matter, significantly reduce you or your family members' chance of dying from self inflicted or accidental discharge. And, surprisingly enough, we have no way to uniformly collect information on police shootings, in part, because we'd rather be willfully ignorant and assume everything is okay.

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A couple of years ago I was against gun ownership.

Being in Europe, with very little gun-related crimes (especially compared to the US) and with laws prohibiting the general public from owning a gun in most cases. This seemed obvious.

Later on I found out there is as many guns per person in the US as there is in Canada. But their are very little gun-related crimes in Canada too.

So it looks like a society with a lot of gun ownership does work. This means in the US a lot has to do with the mentality of the people.

With technologies like 3d printed guns, I think it's pretty clear laws will eventually be ineffective.

This is the reason I mentioned it being similar to the crypto problem.

It also means my stance (especially effectiveness) of laws which prevent gun ownership has also changed.

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So w8, Americans are wilfully ignorant on the effects of gun ownership?

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