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BeOS & Derivatives

Even though Haiku may be considered a hobby project, it's been in use professionally for a while now, by BeOS mainstay Tunetracker Systems. Recently, it also launched a Haiku distribution, which in turn also forms the base for their own products. In the most recent monthly activity report, the Haiku project mentioned that another company is planning on using Haiku in one of its products.

izcorp is another company is planning to use Haiku in a commercial product. Their line of studio recording systems is currently running BeOS and Zeta, but they are working on an update to Haiku. Ithamar is working with them to get their hardware fully supported, and the changes will be upstreamed to Haiku in the coming weeks. This includes several fixes to the USB stack, the intel_extreme driver, and there could be more to come.

The activity reports details a large number of the commits from last month, so it's definitely worth a read if you want to know what's up with Haiku.

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GNU/Linux never put a lot of attention to UI and user experience, I remember a discussion some years ago between a Linux maintainer and his colleagues, regarding changes in the kernel scheduler to give a more responsive UI, Android suffers the same thing although lately has been "fixed" by hardware improvements.

Haiku is a great OS despite the fact that it died and had to be remade from scratch. Back when it was launched it was years ahead of everything else so it might still have a chance.

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GNU/Linux never put a lot of attention to UI and user experience

I disagree. GNOME 2 had a great UI and there were actually regular usability tests being done by companies like Sun. Then some people decided to throw all that knowledge away and the horrible GNOME 3 came to be, pushing the GNU/Linux desktop back a couple of years.
I use it. Doesn't make it good, though. I'm glad MATE is around.

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You're missing the point: GNOME isn't Linux and isn't developed by the kernel guys. What the GP said is, with some changes in the kernel (low-level), the GUI (no one in particular, any of them) could be more responsive. Still, the kernel people prefer to prioritize for other use cases (they may have valid reasons for that).
This isn't related to usability but performance.

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