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Internet & Networking Microsoft dropped support for Exchange 5.5 on December 31st, 2004. Exchange 5.5 users can upgrade to Exchange Server 2003, continue to run 5.5 with all accompanied security risks, or switch over to another mail/groupware system.In this article I propose a fourth option that is really options two (run Exchange) and three (run another mail system) combined.
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we can help many businesses who need to dump 5.5
by on Tue 19th Jul 2005 09:40 UTC

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must agree with some previous comments.

we had a client with infected windows exchange server.

we put a via mini-itx based debian stable machine on the network to receive the email and forward it on initially.

but now - replaced the windows server with debian, samba, postix, courier-imap.

for the users that's all they need - hot-desking/roaming profiles all works - all shared folders are as normal - pick up email from any PC etc.

and that's with a mixture of windows 98 and XP PC's as clients - i don't think windows own server stuff will do that!

it was a couple of weeks before the office manager asked if the new server ran windows - apparently he'd gone to the server but was confronted with the console based login prompt - which meant that he left well alone - another bonus!

also, we have almost finshed setting up a second machine to act a hot swap backup - all data and emails will be synchronised every night.

of course - if this was MS then the client would not have stumped up the license fees just for a backup machine - i mean spending $4000 on the primary server licenses would be bad enough - but spending the same again for a backup would not have happened.

instead they spent to money with us and we put in a FLOSS replacement AND got the hardware for them!

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