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Zeta "An operating system without an office suite is limited in its mass market appeal, making this a fairly serious issue. When yellowTAB decided to update ZETA's compiler, much thought was given to this problem in particular, and finally an answer made itself clear."
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GoBE productive will no longer work after ZETA switches to gcc 4.

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It will if what Alan whatever hisname is and Bernd were telling the truth in the interview they did at BeGeisert last but one. They claimed there would be a compatibility layer. This is not hard to do. The Kernel mainly (only?) exports flat C functions, and the BMessage can be flattened to Data, so a GCC4 Appserver could quite happily talk to a GCC2.95 BApplication, so long as there was a version of that it could link to.

Two ways of doing that... (1) a dual set of complete libs, (2) a set of stub libs that call the GCC4 code. Niether is ideal, but both _will_ work.

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