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Most Chrome users can relate to this: you have a bunch of important tabs open, your laptop’s fans start to sound like a rocket taking off, your computer slows to a crawl, and finally it crashes, losing everything.

No way in hell I'm using Chrome on my retina MacBook Pro - accepting its horrible tab management, I opt for Safari. Especially on OS X, Chrome's got some serious soul-searching to do when it comes to its resource usage. On Windows, Chrome is performing just fine for me.

That being said, this article's Google Trends graph is silly. Sure, there's a rise in queries for "Chrome slow", but that aligns perfectly with Chrome's rising popularity.

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Chrome is Shlow?
by jburnett on Mon 18th May 2015 14:08 UTC
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I'm writing this in Chrome on a Retina MacBook Pro. Currently I have ~50-60 tabs open and a couple of Chrome Developer Tools windows open. I have had some issues with the dev/beta channels lately, but stable, at least for now, is fine.

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RE: Chrome is Shlow?
by charlieg on Mon 18th May 2015 17:42 in reply to "Chrome is Shlow?"
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How many tabs do you have open?

I gave up using Chrome on Linux. I was regularly hitting a memory wall as soon as I got a little careless and opened more than a handful of tabs open. With Firefox, it is mostly OK although I still kinda object on principle to giving up 1.5gbs or so of memory to a browser.

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RE[2]: Chrome is Shlow?
by ov1d1u on Mon 18th May 2015 18:04 in reply to "RE: Chrome is Shlow?"
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That's true. I remember when I had just 4GB of RAM and I ran in a lot of freezes because Chromium was taking a lot of memory. Even now, with 10 tabs opened it takes 2,6 GB of RAM.

This also applies to OSX while the Windows version of Chrome seems to be a lot lighter than OSX and Linux counterparts.

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