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Interesting experiment by the developers of Rust.

When the game was first opened up, all players were given the same default avatar: a bald white man. With the most recent update, Rust's lead developer, Garry Newman, introduced different avatars of different racial origins into the mix. However, they did so with a twist - unlike typical massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Rust does not allow players to choose the race of their avatar. Instead, they are assigned one at random.

Interestingly enough, the inability to choose skin colour only became a problem after a black skin colour was added to the game. I love experiments like this.

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RE[6]: Both Sides
by maccouch on Tue 26th May 2015 20:33 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Both Sides"
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Very simple anecdote: one of my girlfriend's brothers is brown while the other is very white (Indonesian-Dutch parents). During a party someone asked her who her brothers were, my girlfriend answered something like "the white one is X, the brown one is Y." That person was offended by her answer about her own brothers. "Discrimination is evil!!" No, it's not, sometimes it's just telling people apart without any intentions or motivations. Evil is treating them differently (whether positively or negatively) by their skin colour, rather than their personal accomplishments.

This kind of euphemism is even absurder in Africa, where you can clearly say "he is that white guy" or "he's the chinese guy" but then you keep finding other words to avoid saying "he is that black/negro guy". So you say "african", "local", nation-specific term such as Kenyan or Angolan, this despite that there are a lot of white guys that are "local citizens".

I seriously wish everyone could just go back to treating skin colour as that, skin colour... no judgement, it's just much easier to tell two people apart or describe someone if you can just say out loud, " the tall black/white/chinese guy". and no judgement...

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RE[7]: Both Sides
by cfgr on Tue 26th May 2015 20:37 in reply to "RE[6]: Both Sides"
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So you say "african", "local", nation-specific term such as Kenyan or Angolan, this despite that there are a lot of white guys that are "local citizens".

Don't we call them African Americans these days? ;)

I agree though, I wish people would stop assuming any intention or motive behind everything, especially on other people's behalf. It would make conversations simpler and also let us focus on real issues.

I actually think that people who go look for a racist motive behind every message are closet racists themselves, projecting their own obsession about race on others.

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