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Zeta "An operating system without an office suite is limited in its mass market appeal, making this a fairly serious issue. When yellowTAB decided to update ZETA's compiler, much thought was given to this problem in particular, and finally an answer made itself clear."
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by rbenchley on Thu 17th Nov 2005 00:57 UTC
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GoBe was pretty nifty back in the day, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Also, it's good that Open Office is being ported, so Zeta/Haiku users will be able to share files with users on different OSs. Open Office is available on just about every OS out there, plus it has fairly decent compatibility with MS Office. This is very important, since so many businesses have standardized on MS Office. The last time I applied for a job, they insisted on resumes bing submitted in .doc format, after my original submission was in .PDF format. I though this strange considering every single computer, regardless of OS has some sort of PDF reader, but they wanted .doc regardless. Hopefully in the future, people will accept Open Document as the new standard for office files, and Be can have a neat little app with support for Open Document that adheres to the spirit of the OS, rather than the big unwieldy mess that is Open Office. Open Office isn't the elegant solution, but it's extremely practical in the short term and makes Be/Zeta/Haiku a better contender for increased adoption.

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