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A few weeks doesn't seem like enough time right now, especially given the current state of Windows 10. The latest build (10130) looks almost finished and polished, but then there are continued issues with the Start Menu not opening or crashing and driver problems that are slightly alarming at this stage of development. Perhaps the biggest issue I have encountered is the upgrade process between builds. Microsoft has been testing this vigorously, as it's a key part of getting Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to Windows 10 for free. If an upgrade fails then it's one less machine running the latest operating system. I've had a variety of upgrade failures, even with the recent builds that Microsoft has distributed.

The consensus among testers seems to be that no, Windows 10 isn't ready. Unless they're going to pull a miracle, we've got a Vista-esque launch on our hand.

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The whole modern ui is ugly, so when they finally replace explorer with modern one the icons won't stand out so much.

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It wouldn't matter if you could switch back to the Windows "classic" theme. But apparently Windows is now so sophisticated that that is no longer possible.

I'm not referring to Modern/Metro/whatever it's called, but just the desktop UI in general. The flat UI look is nothing but ugly. It's like going back to Windows 2.

We just upgraded to Office 2013 at work, and in addition to being as slow and bloated as ever, it is now ugly as ass. I've gotten used to it, but 2010 looked a hundred times better and I wish I could go back to that look.

I never had a problem with the ribbon, but I do have a problem with big monocolored blocks of screen with nothing to visually distinguish windows from each other. And menus in all caps? I guess the eternal September users are now running the UI design departments.

Microsoft's best desktop UI was Windows 2000. Full stop. Windows 7 isn't bad, but I still prefer the old look.

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