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I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Most normal, non-tech-obsessed people don't really need a smartwatch.

You can read the entire article if you want, but this opening line is all you need to know. Smartwatches are, right now, useless crap.

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Comment by Anonymous Penguin
by Anonymous Penguin on Mon 8th Jun 2015 01:28 UTC
Anonymous Penguin
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I agree. Given a choice between a smartwatch and a Rolex, what would you choose? For ages people expected from their watches to tell them the accurate time and possibly to be "beautiful", "smart" if you prefer, but in the other meaning of the word

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What about the third option?

Neither of the above?

I stopped wearing a watch around 1977. The Sekonda I had just stopped working for the umpteeth time. Now I can't bear anything on my wrist.

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That is OK too, if that is what you want ;)

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