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Zeta "An operating system without an office suite is limited in its mass market appeal, making this a fairly serious issue. When yellowTAB decided to update ZETA's compiler, much thought was given to this problem in particular, and finally an answer made itself clear."
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OO Dependencies...
by on Thu 17th Nov 2005 06:06 UTC

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As old as the OO source code is, I'd love to see a full analysis of the dependency structure, complete with metrics above and beyond the graph. I have a strong suspicion that like many applications that have code that old with that many different developers through the years, that it has lots of cycles both large and small.

Those cycles in the dependency graph increase the cost of porting/building something at a non-linear rate as it takes more RAM, hard drive space and time to build something. Such dependency graphs naturally lead to monolithic codebases, because when you try to use one thing, you take a lot of the system with it when you want to use it somewhere else.

Of course, since I can't make out their hand-scrawled dependency chart (I don't even want to contemplate how long that took to scribble!) I can't readily see how many of those arrows directly or indirectly go both directions between things ;)

Jonathan Thompson

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