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Original OSNews Interviews From Linux Voice: "Perl 6 has been 15 years in the making, and is now due to be released at the end of this year. We speak to its creator to find out what’s going on."
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RE[4]: Why perl?
by Wondercool on Wed 15th Jul 2015 15:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why perl?"
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IMHO the fact that there are 15 different Date modules in CPAN isn't a big problem at all, it is a feature.

Just like the 10s of Desktop managers, init systems, file systems, distributions in Linux, this is what makes it strong. It means you aren't coerced into using some shitty API but can pick what suits you.

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RE[5]: Why perl?
by acobar on Wed 15th Jul 2015 16:31 in reply to "RE[4]: Why perl?"
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Had you ever worked with maintenance of code of someone else besides you ? If you had, chances are that you wished the coder had stick with standardized libraries instead of picking some random he thought were great and that didn't receive maintenance for a long time (i.e. is close to an abandoned carcass by then).

Anyway, I am not sure if my sarcasm detector is waning. ;)

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RE[6]: Why perl?
by Wondercool on Wed 15th Jul 2015 16:43 in reply to "RE[5]: Why perl?"
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I do maintain code written by others but the problems we solve aren't in the league of extremely complicated algorithms or problems and as such most code is still readable, just not my taste.

But yeah in Perl this is a bigger problem than in other languages but if you program often in Perl I don't think it is a big issue at all. I am certainly not a proponent of using exotic language features unless it is required.

That said: I don't think libraries are a particular problem of Perl. Just compare with Java where you have Log4j, SL4J, Logback just to name a few logging frameworks. Nowadays knowing your library is half the work, but that applies to many languages.

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