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A Microsoft employee who wishes to remain anonymous to the public has informed Windows Central that as of 8 AM this morning, the Windows 10 OS has reportedly been installed on a massive 67 million machines.

Even more interesting is the claim that Microsoft hit a max bandwidth of 15 Tb/s, topping the previous record of Apple's 8 Tb/s during their last OS push. Microsoft has reportedly reserved up to 40Tb/s "from all of the third-party CDNs combined".

These are pretty insane numbers.

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by Drumhellar on Sat 1st Aug 2015 03:19 UTC in reply to "and..."
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In the many threads I've been following on the Windows 10 release, I've seen nobody talk about the roll back. Some of these people in these threads aren't the early adopter type, either.

The one person I know personally that made the switch that doesn't know anything about computers said that it was fine enough - programs took forever to load, but otherwise was generally fast.

I've noticed longer program load times, but I think it really only happened to programs I hadn't launched yet after the upgrade. Subsequent launches (even after reboots) seemed just fine.

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RE[2]: and...
by stormcrow on Sat 1st Aug 2015 06:26 in reply to "RE: and..."
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From the standpoint of a completely clean install of Windows 10 compared to the same system running 7, I'd say once the system settled down with the auto updates from the installation (you know, the inevitable patching from the update servers in the background that were released after RTM), program launch times are pretty much all nominal. Some programs seem more responsive versus 7, some are roughly the same. One or two new program installs silently failed (and were fixed by installing .net 3.5). Over all the install experience and normal usage is about the same. The UI though... is schizophrenic between touch and legacy mouse/keyboard though. A lot of inconsistencies between the two that seem to be a half hearted "mea culpa" over trying to force metro down users throats in 8. Some people love it, some hate it, personally I am "meh" as I'm only a traditional desktop user and refinements over 7 were what was in order rather than Win 8 team's "our way or the highway".

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by judgen on Tue 4th Aug 2015 12:34 in reply to "RE: and..."
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Disable OneDrive and applications will start faster as it syncs for every application for some reason.

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