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Mac OS X Two interesting articles on OS X today. This one summarizes some of the less-obvious new features of Apple's Tiger. The other one theorizes that Apple's shift to Intel is an incentive for Windows developers to port their software due to the lack of the endian problem.
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by on Wed 6th Jul 2005 22:22 UTC

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The API difference between Win32 and Cocoa is a much bigger impediment than endianness. However I wouldn't be too suprised to see Apple fork off a version of WINE sometime soon, Cedega style. People won't want to buy Apples to run windows software, but it's free so it wouldn't be such a barrier to switching either.


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by Knuckles on Thu 7th Jul 2005 08:30 in reply to "WINE"
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Codeweavers has already announced that they will be selling crossover office for intel mac os X machines.

Here is the press release: .

I just hope that with this we're not starting another wine-linux tragedy that happens alot in linux-land, people that install linux, then wine, and then start using ALL their windows programs under wine. And when they get tired because some programs don't work, they go back to windows and say that linux 'is not ready', because it doesn't run all their windows software, instead of trying to use linux programs for the job...

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by kaiwai on Thu 7th Jul 2005 10:17 in reply to "WINE"
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Why peal off a version? why not work with Mainsoft, who actually HAVE the Windows code, and bring their software accross; sure, it isn't the complete code, but for 90% of cases, its a tweak and compile away - it doesn't work like wine, in that, it isn't a virtual machine, but its an API which simply requires a recompile.

Oh, and the MFC/widgets used in it can be themed so that it fits into the rest of the desktop.

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by on Thu 7th Jul 2005 17:24 in reply to "RE: WINE"
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Noone is going to want to recompile all of their windows apps with some random Mainsoft environment in order to gain a few Apple sells. The only tractable solution there is if you can just run the windows software as is without thinking about anything other than how ugly it is.


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