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Hardware, Embedded Systems MIT has unveiled its $100 hand-cranked laptop computer to the United Nations technology summit in Tunisia and said that it hopes to make millions of the devices to give to the poorest people in the world. The lime-green machines, which are about the size of a text book, will offer wireless connectivity via a mesh network of their own creation allowing peer-to-peer communication and operate in areas without a reliable electricity supply.
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RE[5]: $100 Laptop
by Windows Sucks on Fri 18th Nov 2005 00:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: $100 Laptop"
Windows Sucks
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Remember the APPLE, Microsoft Lobby is STRONG here in America and surrounding areas! You would never get this into poor schools etc in America because those places are controled by Apple and MS.

And we claim to be "open" in America. Only open if big business can make big money.

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RE[6]: $100 Laptop
by DigitalAxis on Fri 18th Nov 2005 04:12 in reply to "RE[5]: $100 Laptop"
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Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has expressed interest in purchasing a laptop for every elementary school student in Massachusetts.

Granted, this is Massachusetts, the place whose IT department decided to try to move away from Microsoft...

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