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Windows This hit the news yesterday.

Microsoft released Windows 10 four weeks ago today, and now the company is providing a fresh update on its upgrade figures. 14 million machines had been upgraded to Windows 10 within 24 hours of the operating system release last month, and that figure has now risen to more than 75 million in just four weeks.

As somebody who uses Windows every day, and who upgraded to Windows 10 a few weeks before it was released, let me make a statement about all the positive Windows 10 reviews that not everyone is going to like. There are only two reasons Windows 10 is getting positive reviews. First, because it's free. This one's a given. Second, and more importantly: Windows 10 is getting positive reviews because none of the reviewers have forced themselves to use nothing but Metro applications.

Here's the cold and harsh truth as I see it: despite all the promises, Metro applications are still complete and utter garbage. Let me explain why.

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RE: Control Panel and Explorer
by John_Smith on Fri 28th Aug 2015 14:02 UTC in reply to "Control Panel and Explorer"
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I beg to differ here on some points.

Metro is not uninteresting as an UI for phones and tablets but is just nonsense on real desktops/laptops

I agree as for the control panel… The actual dual control panel is just nonsense but to have 2 different explorers makes sense. One that is more feature-rich and that is aimed to be used with a mouse and another one, much simple, which is built to be used with big fat fingers (like mine) on a phone or a tablet (BTW I agree that there is no decent “Metro” explorer actually). "Metro" is clearly not designed and, as far as I know, not even aimed to be a desktop UI.

As for the contextual menu (What you call right click menu). NO… Just a big fat NO. This is the exact thing that makes, in my humble opinion, the windows UI superior to the OSX UI. You want to do something on something??? Right-click and you know what can be done. No crazy moves through the screen(s) to click the right button/menu entry, no lost time in trying to figure out which schizophrenic designer on drugs designed the menus of the app you’re using. Each time I have to use OSX I become crazy in finding what is just under the right mouse button on Windows. I know that contextual menus somehow exist on OSX but they’re far from the usability of those in Windows

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