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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 is being downloaded to computers whether or not users have opted in.

An INQUIRER reader pointed out to us that, despite not having 'reserved' a copy of Windows 10, he had found that the ~BT folder, which has been the home of images of the new operating system since before rollout began, had appeared on his system. He had no plans to upgrade and had not put in a reservation request.

I'm sure this is somehow my fault.

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Ohhh you are a end user. You don't know about Kernel but you know your monitor is running at 2560x1440 instead of 5120x2880. Impressive..

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My 12 year old son understands the concept of screen resolution. Your point is?

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My point is casual user don't know about screen resolution. You a dev/advance user thats why your son know about screen res.
But try asking same question to someone with no tech background.
they don't even know about 4k and 5k.

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