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Let's talk ad-blocking.

With the arrival of iOS 9, ad-blocking is coming to mobile in a big way, and it's causing a lot of talk all over the web. It is highlighting the internal struggle some feel about the practice, but also the hypocrisy of some of its staunchest proponents. So far, it seems like the real 'bloodbath' isn't taking place where people thought it would be - namely, publishers - but among personalities.

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RE: Ad advocating ad blocker
by shotsman on Sat 19th Sep 2015 16:36 UTC in reply to "Ad advocating ad blocker"
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The other thing is the nested links to links to ads to tracking sites. One site I visited (just the once) linked to more than 40 other sites.
The average person has no idea what they do or why they are used.
I did some digging into some of them. There were 12 tracking sites. Really? Wouldn't just the one do the job

If sites were to come clean and have somewhere in their site that explained what sites the relied upon for revenue and that those links would just the 1 level deep, then I might be more interested in unblocking them.

Then there is another site that used to work perfectly well with googleapis blocked. Not you get a blank screen until you unblock it. Then only half works. You have to unblock some more google sites etc etc.
In general I don't use google directly for anything well because of their tracking.
The more sites that do this the less I will use them.

A sign of the times really. Stop the world I wanna get off.

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