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Original OSNews Interviews PC-BSD 0.7.8 has been released and I also recently conducted an interview with PC-BSD Project leader Kris Moore.
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Going to be watching/trying
by on Tue 19th Jul 2005 16:11 UTC

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I have tried PC-BSD, I like it a lot. I stuck with Linux, just becuz it is what I know. But when I have some free time I plan to give PC-BSD a real work out. I did try the package installer that he is talking about, WOW is all I can say. It is as easy as a Mac to install software, good job!

I also liked that I could still use the FreeBSD ports system, the real neat feature of the FreeBSD platform. If CrossOver Office, and Cedgea ran on FreeBSD, I could really see my self making a total switch to PC-BSD.

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RE: Going to be watching/trying
by on Tue 19th Jul 2005 19:31 in reply to "Going to be watching/trying"
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<cite>If CrossOver Office, and Cedgea ran on FreeBSD</cite>

You can use the Serenity Virtual Station:

It is a competitor to VMWare, but it supports Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and IBM OS/2 as hosting platforms.

Also, the TextMaker Office suit got rave reviews a while ago, they said it was the most compatible to MSOffice product. It runs on FreeBSD also:

As I write this, I come to realize there's no excuse really not to use FreeBSD. BSDs rocks. Linux sux. (Let me get my asbestos suit on.)

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RE: Crossover Office
by Ronald Vos on Tue 19th Jul 2005 20:47 in reply to "Going to be watching/trying"
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When I googled for it, I saw mention by one of the developers from 2003 that they hoped to have a BSD-version of Crossover Office later that year. seems you can try the Linux compatibility layer in the BSDs if you're slightly masochistically inclined.

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