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Hardware, Embedded Systems "If you shop around, you can actually get a functional computer for $500 (EUR 425,-). But as we become more budget conscious, $500 seems to be a bit much for a standard machine, so what's our next target? Why, it's an over ambitious $100 (EUR 85,-) notebook. How companies accomplish this is their business; what we are interested in is what they ship out for a product when all is said and done. As of now, however, there is one thing that interests me even more, and that is, why would they want to sell me a $100 notebook in the first place?"
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the author of this article needs to grow up, if he is just now realising that companies use generosity to improve t heir image and sell more product. the bottom line is that a bunch of kids that would have otherwise never been able to afford a computer will be given one for free.

on a side note is it just me or is that second page a rambling pile of nonsense. at first apple is trying to indoctrinate kids into the os x cult; leading the reader to beleive that the author hasnt been keeping up with current events. then in the paragraph about red hat he lets the reader know that he has been keeping up by contradicting his apple paragraph by insinuating that red hat is trying to sell rhel to grade schoolers. i dont have any figures, but if i had to guess i would say that the number of kids in a given elemetary school that grow to administer enterprise level servers and workstations is fairly low.

if i had to describe this article in one word, that word would be incoherent; but i prefer to describe it in sentence form. this article seems to be the ramblings of a child who was raised by pessimistic hippies who instilled a sense of fear towards capitalism and his fellow man. i mean a six year old could have written this article, except that a six year old would have written a little more coherently.

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