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Mac OS X For all of the strengths of OS X, two of the complaints recycled year after year are the aged filesystem, HFS+, with its lack of file integrity, and the file manager, the Finder. While replacing HFS+ remains out of our reach, an alternative to the Finder for day-to-day tasks has been achievable for some time. Enter "Commander One," a dual-pane file manager that seeks to fill in the holes that the Finder has famously left. Let's dig in and see what Commander One has to offer.
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Amiga had this for ages
by AmixG5 on Mon 26th Oct 2015 14:16 UTC
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I just want to say that AmigaOS had this for a long time.. With Directory Opus be one of the best solutions. Dopus as its called is also released for Windows, and makes Windows to a useful operating system. The strength of MorphOS, with its Ambient screen is that its taken the best from Dopus and implemented into the OS itself. Its nice to see that MacOS is actually getting there also ;)

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RE: Amiga had this for ages
by drstorm on Mon 26th Oct 2015 17:01 in reply to "Amiga had this for ages"
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It goes without saying that the king of Orthodox File Managers (two-panel) managers on Windows (or anywhere) is Total Commander. It has all the features mentioned in the article and more.

It is probably the best known current implementation of the concept started by Norton Commander all those years ago.

It's a nice article, but I found the lack of the historical perspective or comparisons with TC kind of weird.

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RE[2]: Amiga had this for ages
by Phil2 on Mon 26th Oct 2015 18:03 in reply to "RE: Amiga had this for ages"
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It's all good, but the king is still Far Manager, because it seamlessly combines command line handling and dual-pane file-manager.

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RE: Amiga had this for ages
by tidux on Mon 26th Oct 2015 21:53 in reply to "Amiga had this for ages"
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MS-DOS had Norton Commander, which is the reason why " Commander" in a file manager name is usually code for "Orthodox File Manager". You can see this on Windows with Total Commander, on *nix (and Cygwin and DJGPP/DOS32) with GNU Midnight Commander, on Android with Ghost Commander, and in Java with muCommander. Hell, muCommander and Midnight Commander are both available for OSX, the former as a dmg and the latter via "brew install mc". Midnight Commander in particular has most of the features of this thing's "pro pack" gratis, including FTP, SFTP, and virtual filesystem support for rar and 7z.

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RE: Amiga had this for ages
by Rehdon on Tue 27th Oct 2015 14:17 in reply to "Amiga had this for ages"
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I guess DOpus has never been ported under Linux? What a shame, I still remember it as one very effective tool ...

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