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Mac OS X For all of the strengths of OS X, two of the complaints recycled year after year are the aged filesystem, HFS+, with its lack of file integrity, and the file manager, the Finder. While replacing HFS+ remains out of our reach, an alternative to the Finder for day-to-day tasks has been achievable for some time. Enter "Commander One," a dual-pane file manager that seeks to fill in the holes that the Finder has famously left. Let's dig in and see what Commander One has to offer.
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RE: Give me file Integrity!
by Drumhellar on Mon 26th Oct 2015 20:50 UTC in reply to "Give me file Integrity!"
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A deal with Sun/Oracle isn't needed for ZFS.

It was once released under the CDDL, and is compatible with the APSL sources that Apple releases. People at the Illumos project, and FreeBSD, have been keeping it current. Apple could switch right now if they wanted.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Well, I've heard a couple stories why. One concerned a lawsuit by NetApp against Sun that Apple was afraid of. The other is detailed here in ars technica:

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Drumhellar Member since:

Looking at the details of the suit, I suspect it wasn't much of an issue - it was already going on for years before Apple's announcement, and came to an end shortly after their initial announcements.

However, licensing does make sense - not that CDDL is incompatible with APSL (I don't think it is), but that Apple wanted to be able to release it under its own licensing.

But, it could be that Apple already knew they were winding down the XServe, meaning there wouldn't have been much wide-spread interest in ZFS. They might still be rolling their own FS, though.

Who knows.

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