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You can read the German source version of the article, or the English translation.

A CCC made Apple TV App for displaying CCC-talks may not be released on the platform. According to Apple the app is in breach of developer terms and conditions because it enables access to content of which the company disapproves: Apple criticizes that the CCC's app allows watching publicly given talks, which among others deal with security holes in the widely used Bluetooth technology, or help "jailbreaking" Apple devices - enabling the use of applications that have not been approved by Apple. The talks criticized by Apple are all available under the website and can also be watched through the Apple TV YouTube app, which is not criticized by Apple.

Still feel comfortable with letting Apple police the news you read?

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RE: umm, no ...
by bitwelder on Mon 2nd Nov 2015 09:53 UTC in reply to "umm, no ..."
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Second, restrictions on content which promotes illegal activities is universally prohibited by virtually all OTT vendors ( at least in the US ).

You seem to live in a very small universe.

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RE[2]: umm, no ...
by kristoph on Mon 2nd Nov 2015 12:42 in reply to "RE: umm, no ..."
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Sadly, there are a very small number of OTT vendors outside of the US. Indeed, outside of Opera I can think of no other that has an international presence.

And guess what, Opera is even more stringent in who they allow on their platform because their software is installed on all sorts of vendor devices going to countries where all sorts of things are objectionable.

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