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I am less frustrated, and more focused working on this setup. A big chunk of that is even outside the constant popups in OS X, there's simply less to be distracted by.

I've gone so far as to have to literally switch a cable to move between machines (as opposed to a KVM), to help me train my brain into a different context.

Overall I'm quite happy with the choices I made here.

A nice write-up from someone switching from OS X to FreeBSD, and everything that entails.

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WIFI support
by netpython on Mon 30th Nov 2015 15:31 UTC
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How good does FreeBSD support wifi adapters? Is it on par with linux?

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RE: WIFI support
by laffer1 on Mon 30th Nov 2015 21:30 in reply to "WIFI support"
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Not nearly as well as linux. For example, there is a project to support the current intel wifi that ships with most new laptops but it's not ready yet. Further, 802.11ac doesn't work. You get 802.11g for most wifi cards.

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RE: WIFI support
by matthekc on Tue 1st Dec 2015 06:20 in reply to "WIFI support"
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In my experience from trying to install BSD next to my Linux partition on several laptops the hardware support is not as good as Linux. The standard advice of research your hardware's compatibility with your OS before buying is still very much in effect for Linux and BSD users. Even people upgrading versions of a mainstream desktop OS should do a little research.

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