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Internet Explorer

At JSConf in Florida today, Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing Chakra, the JavaScript engine used in its Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. The code will be published to the company's GitHub page next month.

Good move, but they should just go the whole way.

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What this means?
by Milan Kerslager on Sun 6th Dec 2015 15:24 UTC
Milan Kerslager
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Opensourcing does not implicate open development. This does not mean that Edge will have opensource version also (something like Chromium vs. Chrome).

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RE: What this means?
by avgalen on Mon 7th Dec 2015 07:27 in reply to "What this means?"
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Is anything stopping you from creating a fork?

In general these "closed source goes open source" projects are about improving goodwill, gaining trust in the product and getting outside input. You have to look at the amount and kind of outside contributions to see how open the development has become.

I am quite amazed by how fast Edge is developing. They clearly overpromised and underdelivered in July and with extensions but they are adding features and background (HTML5) improvements very quickly. Not good enough as my daily driver on my workpc, but working very nicely on my phone and for some light home-use

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