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Choice. After all the software improvements, promotional offers and good intentions, 'choice' is the big factor Microsoft forgot to consider with Windows 10. Falling adoption rates have seen the company's initial smugness evolve into incredulity and increasingly dirty tactics and now Microsoft appears to have forgotten about respecting choice entirely because life for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users is about to get a lot worse...

Over the last week Microsoft has begun to roll out a combination of highly questionable changes to the billion+ users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and these efforts will intensify into early 2016.

Much like Apple's recent sleazy tactics of shoving ads into every corner of its operating system to try and suck you deeper and deeper into their labyrinth of lock-in products and services, Microsoft is trying very hard to forcefully push its users to upgrade to Windows 10 - and it's not eschewing any tactics, no matter how dirty.

The development of operating systems seems to have stagnated considerably, meaning new operating system releases don't really contain any standout features that draw large masses of users to upgrade. In addition, the differences between the operating systems are pretty moot (especially OS X vs. Windows or iOS vs. Android) these days, and there's really no clear benefit choosing one over the other.

It should be no surprise, then, that operating system peddlers are exploring other tactics to retain your business.

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Funniest part?
by deathshadow on Sat 19th Dec 2015 13:33 UTC
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One group does NOT get the nagware... 8.1 Enterprise.

The most commonly installed version that's "pirated"?

8.1 Enterprise.

It almost reeks of the same idiocy as "DRM that only penalizes legitimate owners" like that in some games... where false positives for piracy happen to legitimate owners when after a week not one pirate will ever see the problem... typically after the company in question sank a small fortune into DRM that didn't work.

Despite owning legitimate copies of 8.1, 8, and 7, Since you can't even buy a laptop or prebuilt desktop without them, I've moved all my systems to 8.1 Enterprise using KMSPico (and of course classic shell to tell that metro crap to go plow itself) because the only reason I'm even running Winblows is something 10 broke a lot of...

Games. See how Microshaft broke BOTH suck-u-rom AND the cracks for it in one fell swoop.

Wanna play Fallout 3 or the original Dead Space? Good luck with that.

Laughably, many older games that didn't work right in 7 work BETTER in 8.1 -- the original F.E.A.R. doesn't have the logitech mouse driver woes dropping you to 10fps regardless of the settings, 90% of the KoToR and KoToR 2 bugs have disappeared... Saints Row 2 no longer crashes to desktop...

Making all the fact that all those and many others won't even RUN under windows ten just another head scratcher.

Much less their ALLEGED attempts at "improving" the OS from a usability and accessibility standpoint is a giant **** you to users; see how they utterly banjaxed font scaling. (Bad enough they made IE do zoom instead of font scaling as default, another reason NOT to use their browsers -- as if there weren't enough of those!)

It just seems that M$ is SO desperate to break into new markets, they're willing to flip a double bird at the market they effectively have dominance of. Yeah, that's a sound business strategy; It's like they WANT to fail at this point!

I tell ya, if video wasn't like downgrading two generations of hardware, if more than two channel audio wasn't a pipe-dream unless you have that magical perfect chipset, if people were actually making mainstream game releases for it, if there wasn't a dearth of quality application software for the platform, and if freetype didn't kern text like a sweetly retarded rhesus monkey on meth, I'd have switched to Linux on the desktop ages ago.

Admittedly, I have many of the same complaints about OSX, and that's BEFORE we talk about the overpriced previous generation hardware masquerading under shiny veneers like second rate Ikea products.

Linsux, Winblows, OSuX, iSpy and gimboid -- they all inhale upon the proverbial equine of short stature -- just in different ways and at different things.

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RE: Funniest part?
by ilovebeer on Sun 20th Dec 2015 16:58 in reply to "Funniest part?"
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My video and surround audio work fine in Linux - no magical chipset required. Was your Linux rant a copy & paste from years past or something?

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RE: Funniest part?
by acobar on Mon 21st Dec 2015 14:15 in reply to "Funniest part?"
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Two things forces me to use Windows:
- Autocad, and have been this way for many years. I ever tried BricsCAD and Dassault DraftSight, both good, but they are not Autocad, and Autocad does not work properly under Wine;
- I also work with support for Windows servers and stations.

From my point of view KDE is the best DE around, even though it is, once again, in the middle of a transition. This time I have been conservative and stood away from the newer version.

There are many reason I like KDE, like its file manager, its document viewer, the window manager and some other niceties but the main reason is that I can created customized "Activities" (virtual desktops, on steroids), name them, open some files I'm working in with Kate, open documentation for the project on Okular and some other applications, close the whole thing because I need to go and when I am back I just open the named activity again and everything will open exactly like I left, even the things being displayed and cursor positions (if they are KDE apps), and it is fast. It does exactly what I need and I can customize the aspects I want. Is there any one other DE that can do it without a third party tool?

You may be right that the graphics/audio stack is better on Windows, but I have not had any problems with them in years. Granted, I don't play games (well, except chess) and I am not an audiophile (even though I like music and have a background on acoustics, thanks to a graduation on mechanical engineering and, yes, I am saying this to mock a little bit the self-professed ones). I concede, though, that it may present a suboptimal situation if you subscribe to the activities related to games and audio.

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