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Amiga & AROS

Generation Amiga has reported today a tweet from Hacker Fantastic saying that the Amiga OS source has been leaked, including both Kickstart and Workbench. Looking at the @hackerfantastic's tweet, there is another user with the handle @TheWack0lian that offers a link to download the OS in a 130MB tar file which expands to 540MB of source code.


Apparently the source code is really related to Amiga OS. The tar file name refers to OS 3.1 but folders from the source code refers to version 4, which could mean the source code is pretty much up to date.

From what I can gather, it's not fully 100% complete, but it's still a pretty significant leak. With the number of times this software has changed hands, it's remarkable it's taken this long.

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RE[7]: Good?
by gfx1 on Sun 3rd Jan 2016 14:48 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Good?"
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Yes I bought an videocard for my Amiga 3000 It was like 4 times the price of a PC equivalent. But it meant that I could use it with a real monitor no longer 50Hz interlaced like the 1084.

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RE[8]: Good?
by JLF65 on Sun 3rd Jan 2016 19:34 in reply to "RE[7]: Good?"
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So did I... almost everybody did. In fact, the business I worked for (did Amiga programs) bought EVERY video card made for the Amiga as well as most of the audio cards so we could verify compatibility with our apps. That made it cheaper for me - I had the company buy one for me. I had the CyberVision 64/3D. It was a plain S3 ViRGE SVGA chip on a Zorro III card. Very nice, but a bit pricey. I had a Toccata audio card, as well. Audio cards had a higher mark-up ratio than video due to low demand.

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