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So, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of my favourite games of all time, and it's also generally considered to be one of the best games ever made. And, as with all games, people 'speedrun' this game, which means trying to beat the game as fast as is humanly possible. There are several categories, each with certain rules and things that are and are not allowed.

This particular speedrun of Symphony Of The Night by Cosmo takes this concept to a whole new level. The end time of 7 minutes and 52 seconds is mind-blowing enough, but how he actually gets there is just utterly insane. Basically, he procures a very specific set of items in his inventory, and then proceeds to manipulate the items in his inventory in a extremely specific way, within very specific fractions of seconds of game-time, to use the sorting mechanism of the inventory to manipulate the assembly code in memory to make the game finish itself. All this, on the actual console itself, without tools, without additional software, without emulators, without anything.

The actual science or coding behind this technique was discovered and developed by a person named Sockfolder, and he put up a 40-minute stream to explain in detail what's going on, with the contents of memory on the side of the screen so you can see exactly what's happening. It's mesmerising (even though I don't fully understand what's going on).

While the actual coding part of it can be discovered and explored in relative comfort of an emulator and other tools, actually pulling this off 'live', with just the tools at the disposal of any regular player, is absolutely amazing. This kind of stuff sits at the very fringes of programming, and I find it incredibly impressive.

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by IgnitusBoyone on Wed 6th Jan 2016 21:06 UTC in reply to "Comment by jonnyvice"
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Super Metroid is one of my fav games, but in just terms of scale I think the game has maybe 9 bosses. SoTN has at least 30 and around 130 enemies. The scale of the game is just mind boggling. Not to mention I believe the native resolution of the tiles is far beyond any of its sequels.

I saw a mod of SM yesterday that rotates the entire world by 90 degrees. I am planning on picking it up to see it changes the game.

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by jonnyvice on Wed 6th Jan 2016 21:57 in reply to "RE: Comment by jonnyvice"
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I'd say quantity doesn't equal to quality, but it was badly based on a joke.

I'm definitely in the Metroid>Castlevania camp however and while SotN definitely won in terms of scale, most of that scale was utterly forgettable as a player. I'm sure this comes down to taste and the weight of the nostalgia.

The craftsmanship of Super Metroid is where I feel it excels above and beyond anything SotN has to offer.

Native resolution isn't surprising considering the hardware targeted.

That mod sounds pretty interesting, I'll definitely check it out. Be sure to check out AM2R if you haven't already:

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by Morgan on Wed 6th Jan 2016 23:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by jonnyvice"
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Speaking strictly of my own tastes and preferences, what makes Castlevania: SOTN (and most of the Castlevania series) more enjoyable is the music and atmosphere. I'm a Metroid fan too, but Castlevania and especially SOTN just comes together as a more enjoyable experience for me. It doesn't hurt that, just as with playing Final Fantasy III (VI outside the US) with my brother, playing SOTN with my best friend made for some of the dearest memories of my teens and early 20s. She and I still talk about the game to this day.

As Thom said above, both are great game series and one isn't inherently "better" than the other. I'm hoping that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night[1] lives up to the hype and becomes another great Metroidvania game.


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