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Morphos Genesi, the company behind the Open Desktop Workstation and Pegasos platform, has decided to open up all aspects of the PegasosPPC. "We have decided to make the complete design and component listing for the PegasosPPC available for free download."
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RE: marketing stunt
by on Sat 19th Nov 2005 23:02 UTC in reply to "marketing stunt"

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@ Stew:

You wrote:

> It doesn't look like a very profitable business to me.

Well... Now groups of Linux users (or Amiga users, don't forget Pegasos was born by amigan engineers aimed at amigans and amiga market) they could hire a bounty and send blueprints of the Pegasos Motherboard right to manufacturers worldwide (preferably in China or South West Asia) choose the cheapest "on-demand" manufacturer and get their computers with little expenses and little effort in the requested quantities...

This move from genesi t will cut all problems of prices due to copyrights. manufacturers could be interested in an complete free machine...
...even engineers worldwide could pick the blueprints and modify designs of Pegasos improving it with new hardware solutions...

It is a complete open computing solution:
Open Motherboard + Open Source OS like Linux...

A new future is coming...

Also Genesi, strange to know, it could keep its business by certifying new future Open models of Open Pegasos motherboards trusting that these new motherboards accomplish Pegasos standards, Also Genesi could test hardware motherboard to ensure these accomplish quality standards, and/or it could became a repair center which could serve the open-users worldwide.

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