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by cm__ on Sun 20th Nov 2005 09:15 UTC
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I know you're a troll, but...

> Use case 1:
> KDE developers: WTF? DBUS? We will never implement it we are alright withg DCUP.

Not true. There had never been a decision in that direction.

a) DBUS wasn't stable API-wise at the time. It was deemed too early and immature to decide.
b) Backwards compatibility in the KDE3 release cycle forced KDE to keep DCOP anyway and made it impossible to "jump" to DBUS. Nonetheless there have been efforts to support DBUS in parallel before anything on that matter was heard from Trolltech.
c) DCOP *did* do well, that's the only true part. That's why DBUS is modelled after DCOP.

> Use case 2:
> KDE developers: sucks we won't use any of their standars.

That's a filthy lie. Many of the successful fd.o specs are co-authored by KDE developers.

But please note:
- fd.o does not define standards. You may want to read what they say themselves on their page.
- In my book, only adoption by more than one major desktop makes a spec a de-facto standard. There are quite a few examples of that, but there's also a lot of cruft that will never be used in a cross-desktop fashion. Just dumping a document or software at fd.o does not mean much.

BTW: See for more info on the topic of cooperation.

> Use case 3:
> KDE developers: LSB? bah Who needs them is not going to be succefull w/o us.

So what? IMHO it *couldn't* be successful without also standardizing KDE support (and hence Qt support). LSB hasn't taken off yet. The future will tell if it ever will. But it's good to see that there is cooperation on the matter between KDE, LSB and Trolltech.

> Use case 4:
> KDE developers: Porting KDE apps to Windows? no way, we need our user to be locked in our desktop.

Nonsense. You're probably alluding to what one developer has said in his blog. Big deal. Other KDE developers had a different opinion and so a port was started. It's Free Software, remember? Trolltech's move to GPL Qt on Windows was of course favourable for the Windows port (OTOH independent efforts to port Qt/X11 had already been on their way).

Please do keep in mind that there are many KDE developers and every one has (and is entitled to) his own opinions. None of your "use cases" has ever been official KDE consensus or policy.

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