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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The first preview release of (K)Ubuntu 6.04 Dapper Drake has been released. You can download Ubuntu here, and Kubuntu here. Screenshots can be found here and here.
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RE[8]: meh
by dylansmrjones on Sun 20th Nov 2005 16:26 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: meh"
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Well... Konqueror isn't better than FireFox, amaroK doesn't qualify as an audio player (xmms is the only real choice) and nobody with a sane mind would use K3b to burn CDs and DVDs.
(DISCLAIMER: This was written only to show how lame archiesteel's post was... personally I'd prefer KDE with Gnome taste, but until it's possible I'll stick to Gnome - even though it has some annoying flaws... And it does have those!)

archiesteel > you are starting flamewars while trying to say you're not.

Look at your posts!

Always, some facts about both DE's and then a line about not starting flamewars and then you start a flamewar by coming with stupid statements about one KDE-app or the other being better than any Gnome-app.

Sorry guys, but I just can't accept that just because YOU prefer a certain KDE-apps, it should automatically mean that this app is also the best for me. Personally I prefer VLC and XMMS. And in regard to DE's I'm not even sure about GUI's being a good idea ;)

What is best for you isn't nescessarily the best for me.

It seems to me that KDE is more used in Europe, and Gnome more used in USA. Personally I consider EDE to be quite interesting (at least in terms of simplicity and low system requirements).

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RE[9]: meh
by dylansmrjones on Mon 21st Nov 2005 02:55 in reply to "RE[8]: meh"
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Funny. archiesteel tries to start a flamewar, and gets 3 points up. i point out he's trying to start a flamewar and gets one point down.

It's sad. We were so close to a decent tone in here, and then certain fan-boys on both sides ruin everything.

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