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Windows Security update package MS16-023 for Internet Explorer doesn't only contain security patches, but also a few other things, including: "This update adds functionality to Internet Explorer 11 on some computers that lets users learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10." writes:

Microsoft does not reveal what this means, or what this has to do with Internet Explorer. According to Woody Leonhard over at Infoworld, the update pushes a banner on Internet Explorer 11's New Tab Page advertising the company's new operating system Windows 10.

Unfortunately the ads can't be uninstalled without uninstalling the whole security update package.

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RE[3]: You've been binged! Again!
by Sauron on Fri 11th Mar 2016 13:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: You've been binged! Again!"
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Actually that isn't a good reason.
It's been 5 week now since I booted in to my Windows 7 installation, I have been using Linux Lite in that time and the Windows software I have wanted to run has ran fine through Wine.
Admittedly it hasn't been a lot and mostly games which I have run, but all but one has run without a problem and all were just as easy to install and run as they are in Windows.
There is no way in hell I will ever install Windows 10 and sell my soul, so if that is all the problems I will face my Windows days are over.
I am loving this Linux Lite, it's stable, easy to use and it isn't Windows 10! ;)

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You and me and people reading OSnews are not typical users (my desktop is Linux for some 13 years already). Most computer users just want their damn app and not care about privacy, security and such.

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If all you need a "PC" for is the Internet...then why are you using a PC? A Tablet or smartphone would do just as well.

For the rest of us we need Windows because none of the programs we use run on your OS making your OS effectively worthless for us. My A/V capture and DAC interfaces? Do NOT run on Linux. My $1K+ of triple A games? Ditto. Imaging software, business software, i can literally spend hours just listing program after program that does specific tasks that Linux has no functional alternative and cannot run and has nothing even on the horizon to possibly replace it.

I'm sorry, hate me all you want, but Linux is an OS for programmers and those that only surf, if you do not fit into those two teeny tiny demographics? Then Linux is about as useful as DOS in 2016. People buy computers to run software and the complete hostility that the Linux community has built toward proprietary software has made sure that the vast majority of software being written? Will NEVER come to your OS, and without the software we require what good is your OS?

And please do not say "Use a VM" because paying for a copy of Windows just to spend all our time running it in a slower crippled VM helps exactly? We're still spending all our time in Windows, we are just running it in a lousy environment that makes it slower than on real hardware.

At the end of the day there is a reason why the only competition Windows 10 has is Win 7/8.1 and that is because the software people want don't work on your OS and will never will. Linux was at 2% a decade ago, it is at 2% now, it'll be at 2% no matter what MSFT does, because without the software the vast majority use they really has no use for it.

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