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by segedunum on Sun 20th Nov 2005 18:38 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: KDE IS DOOMED...."
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you're missing the point. gnome already fits the bill NOW. why adjust every single kde app when there is gnome that fits the bill straight out of the box?

Because they don't fit the bill. Many Gnome/GTK apps are not particularly complete, and when you compare the quality of stuff like Amarok, Digikam or K3B there is simply no contest. KDE does not require a .Net clone to increase the quality of its applications. From that point of view KDE apps are more than usable because of the inherant quality, integration and the framework between them.

There are of course things to enhance on and work on the usability front, but that's always an ongoing process. Gnome still has quite a bit of work, because usability is not about having a HIG and talking about crap like about icons, clutter and clean and professional. Usability is about how fit applications are for the purpose, whether they actually work and do what they say on the tin and the functionality an application presents. Human interface guidelines are important, but they are just a part of an overall whole.

You have this the wrong way round.

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by on Sun 20th Nov 2005 19:28 in reply to "RE[7]: KDE IS DOOMED...."
by SlackerJack on Mon 21st Nov 2005 08:03 in reply to "RE[7]: KDE IS DOOMED...."
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Come on now, I've seen this time and time again from KDE users thinking GNOME has no answer to k3b, Digikam and amarok.

Ever heard of Nautilus burner?, cd/dvd, audio burning intergration?

Ever heard of F-spot?

Ever heard of Banshee?

Ever heard of Muine?

Every heard of GnomeBaker?

Ever heard of Graveman?

KDE dont have ANY cd/dvd burning intergration what so ever and k3b does NOT come with KDE, Nautilus cd/dvd burner does. KDE people just get worse every time.

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