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by on Sun 20th Nov 2005 19:28 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: KDE IS DOOMED...."

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"Because they don't fit the bill. Many Gnome/GTK apps are not particularly complete, and when you compare the quality of stuff like Amarok, Digikam or K3B there is simply no contest."

why does every kde person out there think that the quality of a DE depends upon a cd burner(k3b) and an unneedlessly complex player(ie amorak. the mini cd player on kde, noatun , can't survive more than 5 minutes without crashing. have you noticed that noatun flickers(ie its crashed...again) in the top left hand corner of the screen with an error message on every single distro after 5 minutes of usage. after killing the app, it returns with crashed due to signal 11). i have news for you. it doesn't. i can say exactly the same thing about gimp, inkscape, and gaim.
you seem to think that if the application is not packed with functionality, then it must be incomplete. think again. there are no more gnome apps that are incomplete as there are kde apps that are incomplete.

"Usability is about how fit applications are for the purpose, whether they actually work and do what they say on the tin and the functionality an application presents."

the problem with most kde apps is that most average users can't figure out what the kde app is supposed to do on the tin. they need to get rid of the clutter. one of the many problem that kde has is that the developers seem to equate usability with amount of functionality. but that, sadly, is not the case with the average user. people will much more readily use an application thats easy to use than one that has a confusing interface and is packed like a sardine with functionality, most of which the user will never use.

"Gnome still has quite a bit of work"

gnome doesn't have any work to do on that front. thats why its the favoured desktop for the average user.

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