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by segedunum on Sun 20th Nov 2005 21:35 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: KDE IS DOOMED...."
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yes you do!! how many times have people said/written "kde applications are much better than their gnome equivelents. just look at k3b and amorak. there are no gnome equivelents blah blah blah"

There are no equivalents to those applications. K3B and Amarok are simply the best there is, but in their fields the GIMP and Inkscape are much further on than their KDE equivalents although Krita is about there now. There is also Scribus, but strictly speaking that isn't a KDE app although it does use Qt.

its is PLAINLY OBVIOUS that the kde developers don't write with any end user in mind other than themselves and their own kind.

I have news for you - neither do Gnome's developers. Usability is about a lot more than adhering to some human interface guidelines.

i can tell that you've never studied interface design in your life.

He's right to a large extent. Complex functionality tends to need seemingly complex interfaces in some ways - there's no getting away from it. A good example is spatial Nautiules. Many people thought they were being extremely clever trying to come up with something more user friendly, and then many people realised it didn't make anything easier at all and that managing folders still required a sensible interface that is many people thought was too complex. That's why you've got tree views over the years.

do you remember the old newtonian laws of physics that stated that complex stimuli produced complex results and simple stimuli produced simple results? along came chaos theory and proved it all wrong. you may be surprised to know that chaos theory..................

I can see you like getting as far up your own backside and as off-topic as you can go.

However, at no stage has chaos theory ever proved Newton's laws of physics wrong - quite the opposite in fact. That's just unbelievable bollocks. Out of apparent chaos comes some semblance of order, otherwise we, and user interfaces, simply wouldn't exist. There are always reasons why things are the way that they are. Chaos is merely a reflection of us humans, our lack of knowledge, our lack of understanding of something and our lack of comprehension at any given point in time. I think it's one of the biggest red herrings there has ever been in science.

the proof is in the pudding. i've already stated this.

It most certainly is, and based on actual usage you're wrong ;-). That's a small matter of your theories not coming good in practice.

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