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RE[3]: reality check
by archiesteel on Sun 20th Nov 2005 22:45 UTC
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again, missing thr point. how many untrained average users are going to use the UI on the dashboard of a fighter plane?

No, YOU are missing the point. Sometimes the amount of functionality means that a simple interface is not practical. Again, you refused to answer my questions: do you think that Gimp and Inkscape have simple UIs?

i simply can't believe that you've ever studied UI design if you believe that complex functionality equates to a complex interface. you should have been taught that the whole point is to simplify the interface as much as possible no matter how much functionality is present.

That's simply not true. What you suggest can lead to oversimplification, i.e. making advanced functions not easily available simply to provide a cleaner interface.

The fact is that you want users to be efficient, and that means giving easy access to all functionality. That, in turn, means striking a correct balance between clarity and availability. Take a look at a program like Gimp: there are tons of buttons, widgets, menus and dialogs. You could try to hide them as much as possible, but that means that the user would always have to navigate through the menus and dialogs to access these functions. Instead, they've opted to strike a balance between simplicity and complexity. So Gimp ends up with a moderately complex UI that is very efficient once you've learned to use it.

And that's the key element here: it's okay to expect users to actually learn a UI. That's okay. Users are not idiots. Treating them as if they were only dumbs down the entire computing experience by bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator. This is a very dangerous attitude to have in UI design.

In other words, the main objective of UI design should not be simplicity, but efficiency. Oversimplifying things is simply bad UI design.

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