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Google's data shows that Marshmallow actually claimed 10.1% of all Android installs, based on data collected on June 6. The previous Android version, Lollipop, went down slightly from 35.6% in May to 35.4%, but it is still the version of Android with the most installs.


Are you men and women tired of me bringing this up all the time yet? Yes?

Good. Expect more. Until Google gets its act together, I will keep talking about this.

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RE: Comment by Sidux
by wocowboy on Wed 8th Jun 2016 11:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by Sidux"
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If no one cares about updates, including iOS users as you say, then why is the latest version of iOS on 80+% of capable devices while the version of Android that came out a year ago is only 10% of devices? I guess iOS users really DO care about having the latest/greatest that's available to them.

Based on the responses to this article, the prevailing wisdom that the vast majority of Android users really don't care about privacy, having the latest security patches, and being able to use their devices to their full capability beyond what they ship with is true. The old saw that Android is for tweakers, advanced users who like to change everything about the look and feel of the OS the instant they take it out of the box, changing the icons, launchers, etc, is just a myth, then, because a lot of those tweaks and modifications require the latest versions of the OS. Evidently only about 10% of Android users really do care about those sorts of things.

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RE[2]: Comment by Sidux
by avgalen on Thu 9th Jun 2016 08:35 in reply to "RE: Comment by Sidux"
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iOS users are offered updates. Users overwhelmingly just click yes to every update.

Android users aren't offered version updates, but when they are offered they also overwhelmingly click yes to such updates.

The notion that Android is for tinkerers/geeks/nerds is ridiculous. tinkerers/geeks/nerds make up 1 to 10% of the mobile market while Android has 85% of that market.

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