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BSD and Darwin derivatives

It's been my impression that the BSD communit{y,ies}, in general, understand Linux far better than the Linux communit{y,ies} understand BSD. I have a few theories on why that is, but that's not really relevant. I think a lot of Linux people get turned off BSD because they don't really understand how and why it's put together. Thus, this rant; as a BSD person, I want to try to explain how BSD works in a way that Linux people can absorb.

While there's overwhelming similarity between the operating systems in most cases, there are also a lot of differences. As you probe more into the differences, you find that they emerge from deep-seated disagreements. Some are disagreements over development methodology, some over deployment and usage, some about what's important, some about who's important, and some about which flavor of ice cream is superior. Just comparing the surface differences doesn't tell you anything; it's the deeper differences that both explain and justify why each group does things the way they do.

The article is undated, but I seem to recall it's actually quite old (2005-ish or so). Still, it's an interesting read.

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Good laugh
by cjcox on Tue 5th Jul 2016 22:35 UTC
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I'm not a BSD hater, probably been around for much longer than the author. Just found the whole thing sort of funny. Now when can I start writing my defense of Tcl/Tk?

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RE: Good laugh
by Morgan on Wed 6th Jul 2016 01:08 in reply to "Good laugh"
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Now when can I start writing my defense of Tcl/Tk?

Careful, or you may awaken the wrath of the almighty RMS. I've seen the flame war he started over Tcl, it wasn't pretty.

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