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Every single GameCube game can at least boot in Dolphin 5.0. Except one. Star Wars: The Clone Wars and its complex way of using the PowerPC Memory Management Unit rendered it unplayable in Dolphin up to this day. But finally as of Dolphin 5.0-540, this challenge has come and gone: Dolphin can finally boot every single GameCube game in the official library.

So what makes Star Wars: The Clone Wars so special? To truly understand what's going on, you need to have some knowledge on how the PowerPC's processor handles memory management and how Dolphin emulates it.

Some light reading for the Tuesday morning.

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PowerPC memory management...
by number9 on Tue 6th Sep 2016 10:43 UTC
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"The memory management on the PowerPC can be used to frighten small children." -- Linus Torvalds

Also, I think your link is missing.

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"The memory management on the PowerPC can be used to frighten small children." -- Linus Torvalds

The article just mentions that Base Address Translation was hard coded and never implemented, until now. It actually seemed pretty strait forward. If that was frightening, then look away, the x86 may scar you for life ;) :

Memory type range register - configure caching.
segments/selectors - mostly used by old software but still in use for features like Thread Local Storage.
Normal page tables - enable virtual memory
Physical Address Extension - 64bit page tables for > 4GB ram on 32bit systems.
Page Size Extensions - 2MB pages.
Page Attribute Table - MTRR for pages
Base Address Registers - memory mapping for PCI devices.
Graphics Address Remapping Table - allow GPUs to share system ram.

It's not all bad, most x86 software these days is written for an API, making emulation far easier than in the case where there is no OS.

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Another useless comment from Linus. Why bother quoting him when he's not even right about it?

The GameCube has one of the most efficient and cost-saving memory management systems of any console out there.

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