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Time stands still for some in the smartwatch market.

With Apple set to release "Series 2" of its Watch and Samsung prepping its Gear S3 timepiece, many of the biggest players that have embraced Google's Android Wear software have decided to hit pause on their own efforts.

It seems like only Apple and Samsung are willing - and capable - of propping up what is at best a lukewarm product segment.

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Goes to what I have long said.
by Windows Sucks on Thu 15th Sep 2016 01:47 UTC
Windows Sucks
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Android is popular on phones and that's cause everyone needs a phone.

Out side of that Googles other products like Chrome cast and Chrome books etc don't run Android.

Things like Android TV and Android Wear are complete flops.

Google should keep Android to Phones and a some tablets and that's about it. (Might be best to sell those them selves at this point)

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And update the Play Store contracts to require OS updates or when not respected, the access to Play Store would be invalidated.

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"Android is popular on phones and that's cause everyone needs a phone. "

Exactly. Very few people actually "need" a smartwatch right now (i.e., in their current form, state and capabilities). Quite a number of people need fitness trackers, but of those there are many, being orders of magnitude better than what smartwatches offer in this area.

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