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Syllable, AtheOS Samba 3.0.20b and CUPS 1.1.23 have been ported to Syllable. Work has now begun to integrate the two into Syllable. Michael Saunders has also been active on the porting front and has ported a number of games and emulators to Syllable.
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Very interesting, wouldn't boot on my hardware
by on Wed 23rd Nov 2005 08:50 UTC

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I loved BeOS in its day, and am glad to see some of its spirit live on in Syllable.

I downloaded the latest Syllable Live CD, and tried it on two of my PC's...nothing but error messages and no GUI on one, the other gave a slew of errors but would boot into a GUI, albeit only in safe mode. The Ethernet card was not detected on either PC so I wasn't able to try the browser out.

It's early days, though, and I wish the project great success. I look forward to trying a later version with better success on my hardware.


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Hopefully 0.6.0 will fix some ATAPI bugs that stops Syllable booting on some machines. Although I'm not sure what you mean by "Safe mode"? I'd also be interested to know what ethernet card you have in your computer?

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Vanders, our live and demo CDs have a Safe Mode boot entry that disables experimental stuff like AGP, ACPI and SMP. :-) Makes a lot more systems boot.


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