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Oracle and SUN

There's a rumour going around that Oracle is close to ending all development of Solaris, effectively killing the operating system.

Solaris being canned, at least 50% of teams to be RIF'd in short term. All hands meetings being cancelled on orders from legal to prevent news from spreading. Hardware teams being told to cease development. There will be no Solaris 12, final release will be 11.4. Orders coming straight from Larry.

It's just rumours for now, but they've been gaining steam over the past few days.

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by sergio on Fri 2nd Dec 2016 16:37 UTC in reply to "WHO CARES !?!"
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Why do why people are still crying about Sun, Solaris and Sparc architecture ?!??!?

Because they were one of the coolest technology I've ever used?

Big companies suck and enterprise products created by them suck even more. Sun was an exception to that rule.

Sun created some enterprise technology that was cool, smart, creative, beautiful and reliable... that's why I cry when I see Oracle destroying it (or not giving a shit about it).

Almost any IT engineer in the world will feel the same because you admire and love when a company craft good products... because you know very well how hard is to "do the right thing" in big companies. Empathy they say.

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RE[2]: WHO CARES !?!
by segedunum on Tue 6th Dec 2016 11:52 in reply to "RE: WHO CARES !?!"
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It's been dead long before Oracle got their hands on it. Sun went bust, remember?

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