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Google released a keyboard app for the iPhone some months back called Gboard, and everyone was wondering if it would come to Android. Well, now it has as the v6.0 update to Google Keyboard. It's not only a name change, though. There are a few important new features, including a search shortcut and true multi-language support.

Finally - finally - Google adds true multi-language support to the official Android keyboard. iOS added this in - I believe - iOS 10. Are the sheltered men of Silicon Valley finally realising vast numbers of people live multilingual lives on a daily basis and that technology is woefully ill-equipped to deal with that fact?

We'll know for sure once things like Wear and the Apple Watch no longer require full wipes and resets just to switch input languages.

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GREAT NEWS! Congratulating Google...
by dionicio on Tue 13th Dec 2016 17:33 UTC
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Could The New Universal Font Be Related to this Notice?

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