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Mac OS X

Mark Gurman, trustworthy and extremely reliable Apple reporters with uncannily good sources inside Apple, paints a grim picture of the future of the Mac.

Interviews with people familiar with Apple's inner workings reveal that the Mac is getting far less attention than it once did. They say the Mac team has lost clout with the famed industrial design group led by Jony Ive and the company's software team. They also describe a lack of clear direction from senior management, departures of key people working on Mac hardware and technical challenges that have delayed the roll-out of new computers.

And just in case you're one of the people who ridiculed or attacked me for stating OS X is effectively dead and iOS is Apple's future, this nugget might interest you - emphasis mine.

In another sign that the company has prioritized the iPhone, Apple re-organized its software engineering department so there's no longer a dedicated Mac operating system team. There is now just one team, and most of the engineers are iOS first, giving the people working on the iPhone and iPad more power.

It's been clear to anyone with an unbiased, open mind towards Apple's past few years that the Mac simply has no or low priority within Apple, and this only further solidifies it.

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RE[2]: You Guys Will Hate This
by aliver on Thu 22nd Dec 2016 22:33 UTC in reply to "RE: You Guys Will Hate This"
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I fully admit it was 100% a rant.

The basic feeling without getting technical is just "you can't trust the man" and the adjunct "Apple is now the man." That and a little "quality never goes out of style" and a "get the hell off my lawn" sprinkled in.


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RE[3]: You Guys Will Hate This
by ycarel on Sat 24th Dec 2016 03:51 in reply to "RE[2]: You Guys Will Hate This"
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I'm also an experienced unix administrator.
I do like a proper OS, thats why I don't like Windows on the server.
I do like not to have to deal with issues with my workstation, I just want it to stay out of my way. I don't like to waste my time dealing with setting up things, dealing with stupid pop ups and malware and stuff like that. I hate updates that install without prompting me and rebooting the laptop in the middle of working.
I want to open the lid, login, and get working.
I want the platform to be nice to use, have a nice trackpad, good keyboard and a nice screen. And from all the platforms, laptops I used the best have been the mac laptops.
I will not use it for production, I don't need to expand volumes and stuff like that on the laptops. I just need it to be comfortable, have virtual desktops and good productivity tools (office, simple media creation tools, workstation virtualization, editors, terminals, etc).
The platform itself it is not perfect, but it is better than the alternatives for this use case.
As for the cloud it is the future, and every professional I believe should get proficient in it or will find himself limited. Plus it is superb interesting, and moves at a pace that is just amazing. Look at the crazy amount of new services launched on AWS.

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