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The European Union has ruled that the "general and and indiscriminate" collection of computer data by governments is only permitted when used to fight serious crime. The decision, handed down today by the European Court of Justice, directly challenges the UK's recently-passed surveillance legislation, which includes plans to retain every citizen's mobile and desktop browser history for up to a year.

The Court notes that the collection of such data means citizens feel they are under "constant surveillance" and allows governments to draw "very precise conclusions" about their private lives. "Only the objective of fighting serious crime is capable of justifying such interference," said the Court, adding that legislation like the UK's "exceeds the limits of what is strictly necessary and cannot be considered to be justified within a democratic society."

While I have my reservations about many of the EU's institutions (I'm actually a proponent of the concept of the EU - just not the current execution), the EU courts have consistently been a stalwart ally in citizen's rights.

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RE[2]: you don't get it
by BeamishBoy on Fri 23rd Dec 2016 08:53 UTC in reply to "RE: you don't get it"
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The UK will cease to exist if they do, in fact, leave. Scotland will declare independence (finally - the English we're holding them back), and join the EU. And quite possibly (but far, far less likely - so more a "hopefully") Northern Ireland will finally reunite with Ireland to form a whole Ireland on Ireland - the way it should be.

Your complete and utter lack of knowledge of the nature of other European countries - even ones next door to your own - continues to be absolutely staggering, Thom.

Do you understand anything about the nature of the UK?

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RE[3]: you don't get it
by Vanders on Sat 24th Dec 2016 20:20 in reply to "RE[2]: you don't get it"
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If you don't think Scotland aren't going to push for, and get, a 2nd referendum, then you're living in some sort of fantasy land. Scotland will be out of the union and back in the EU within 10 years. Less, if the UK goes for Hard Brexit.

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