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Rux's goal is to become a safe general-purpose microkernel. It tries to take advantage of Rust's memory model - ownership and lifetime. While the kernel will be small, unsafe code should be kept minimal. This makes updating functionalities of the kernel hassle-free.

Rux uses a design that is similar to seL4. While there won't be formal verification in the short term, it tries to address some design issues of seL4, for example, capability allocation.

The code is very approachable for anyone interested in capability-based microkernel design.

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I know there are proposals for both modules and concepts, but they seem to be permanently kicked to the next version.

I've been experimenting with Rust, and must admit that even in its current state it is just a nicer experience, to me, than C++ development. I wish them every success.

Yes, but at least we know they're serious about getting it right because we know they're serious about having to support a language feature once it gets in, even if it turns out to be bad (like std::async or std::bind). But even then, we know whatever their state is at their inclusion, we know it will not cost anyone if they don't want to use it.

Yes, Rust is a nicer experience. Because it isn't old enough to develop all those cruft issues. All languages are nicer experiences when they haven't developed. They will once its user base expands, and either people will stick with it, or more likely, abandon it for another language because that's the reason they came to Rust in the first place.

Not even God manage to fix anything just by drowning the fuck out of everyone and starting over again. And it's a good metaphor because language (and OS community) design is pretty much like playing God for that universe. If you're constantly going to drown everyone and start fresh, nothing will actually grow, and the seeds of cruft will still be there.

Let's hope Rust doesn't succumb to that Godly urge.

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