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General Development

This release represents over a year of development effort and around 6,600 individual changes. The main highlights are the support for Microsoft Office 2013, and the 64-bit support on macOS.

It also contains a lot of improvements across the board, as well as support for many new applications and games. See the release notes below for a summary of the major changes.

As awesome of a project Wine is, I wonder how many people actually use it on a daily basis. Maybe I'm wildly off base here (honestly, I probably am), but it seems like if you're running Linux, there's really nothing Windows applications offer that Linux can't.

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RE[5]: So...
by aaronb on Thu 26th Jan 2017 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: So..."
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Yeah I have been a maintainer of couple of applications in AppDB in the past too.

My experience has been that Wine for older games (via Steam and GOG) and applications such as Foobar2000 has been a success.

I was wondering why kurkosdr seems to be bitter about Wine and attempting find out whether he has used it and dislikes it, or whether he just does not like the idea of Wine regardless of how well it works (or not).

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RE[6]: So...
by Athlander on Sat 28th Jan 2017 14:10 in reply to "RE[5]: So..."
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I think he's just trolling.

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