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In the days after Donald Trump won November's presidential election, immigration and civil liberties advocates began assessing how the new president might carry out his promises to create a registry of Muslims and deport millions of undocumented immigrants. Almost immediately, it became clear the Trump administration would need data, and a lot of it, in order to not only peg people's religious affiliation and immigration status but also allow federal agents to verify their identities and track their whereabouts. Information that could be used for such purposes is collected and stored by a variety of state agencies that issue driver's licenses, dispense public assistance, and enforce laws.


In Washington state, The Verge has learned, Democratic governor Jay Inslee has directed members of his policy and legal staff to work with a handful of state agencies to identify data that could be utilized by Trump’s deportation officials, and how, if possible, to shield any such information from federal authorities engaging in mass deportation. In California and New York, Democratic lawmakers have proposed legislation to block state data from federal immigration authorities. Democratic legislators have also proposed bills in Washington state, California, New York, and Massachusetts that would prevent state data from being used by federal authorities to build a registry of people belonging to a certain religion.

The Republican party, Trump, and its supporters are avid advocates of states' rights, so I'm sure the Republican Trump regime will welcome these moves with open arms.

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by segedunum on Thu 2nd Feb 2017 22:49 UTC
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Whatever information they need they already have since Obama deported more people than any other president. But of course, no other presidents before existed.

There doesn't need to be a 'registry' and there will be no mass deportation.

Is this site turning into a blog for political views now where there will be an article every time Trump tweets 'something'?

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RE: Sigh......
by bnolsen on Tue 7th Feb 2017 19:36 in reply to "Sigh......"
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Obama's definition of "deport" was that anyone turned away at the border was "deported". Try again please.

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