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In the days after Donald Trump won November's presidential election, immigration and civil liberties advocates began assessing how the new president might carry out his promises to create a registry of Muslims and deport millions of undocumented immigrants. Almost immediately, it became clear the Trump administration would need data, and a lot of it, in order to not only peg people's religious affiliation and immigration status but also allow federal agents to verify their identities and track their whereabouts. Information that could be used for such purposes is collected and stored by a variety of state agencies that issue driver's licenses, dispense public assistance, and enforce laws.


In Washington state, The Verge has learned, Democratic governor Jay Inslee has directed members of his policy and legal staff to work with a handful of state agencies to identify data that could be utilized by Trump’s deportation officials, and how, if possible, to shield any such information from federal authorities engaging in mass deportation. In California and New York, Democratic lawmakers have proposed legislation to block state data from federal immigration authorities. Democratic legislators have also proposed bills in Washington state, California, New York, and Massachusetts that would prevent state data from being used by federal authorities to build a registry of people belonging to a certain religion.

The Republican party, Trump, and its supporters are avid advocates of states' rights, so I'm sure the Republican Trump regime will welcome these moves with open arms.

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RE[8]: Trump regime
by segedunum on Sat 4th Feb 2017 22:09 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Trump regime"
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Looks ever more like cognitive dissonance........

The only authoritarian actions we are seeing are those who don't like the result of the election that happened for very good reasons and are probably more afraid for their own pointless jobs.

The travel ban, I'm afraid, is based on a piece of legislation derived by Obama and passed by congress. Trump's order merely enacts it. There is nothing authoritarian about it, but, the cognitive dissonance says we have to see authoritarianism everywhere and Trump must be Hitler. He must be. If he isn't many people are going to look very stupid.......

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RE[9]: Trump regime
by Alfman on Sun 5th Feb 2017 02:41 in reply to "RE[8]: Trump regime"
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Looks ever more like cognitive dissonance........

Not for nothing, but vtpoet's comments are entirely factual, it's immediately obvious if you just look it up yourself.

I'm sure you realize what Trump and Conway do when the facts don't look good: pivot to other talking points and attack the other person for bias without ever addressing the points made. You've chosen to follow this script too, but isn't this boring and amateurish? Clearly nothing of substance can be discussed this way. Yet Trump fans seem to love it; he made it through and won a whole campaign on emotional rhetoric with barely any substance at all.

Before you attack me (and I expect no less from you, go ahead and surprise me ;) ), just think about this: attacking people and institutions with no specific plans to actually fix anything is not productive except in it's capacity to bring about disorder and destruction. For some Trump supporters, this is likely part of his appeal. Trump's presidency is looking a lot like Lord of the Flies. But I know there are others who actually wanted Trump to make their lives better through his promises, the problem is his chaos, deceptions aren't going to make that happen.

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