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The Basic level gathers a limited set of information that is critical for understanding the device and its configuration including: basic device information, quality-related information, app compatibility, and Windows Store. When the level is set to Basic, it also includes the Security level information.

The Basic level helps to identify problems that can occur on a particular device hardware or software configuration. For example, it can help determine if crashes are more frequent on devices with a specific amount of memory or that are running a particular driver version. This helps Microsoft fix operating system or app problems.

Use this article to learn about diagnostic events, grouped by event area, and the fields within each event. A brief description is provided for each field. Every event generated includes common data, which collects device data.

The long, long, long list of data Microsoft gathers when Windows 10's data collection is set to 'basic'. Some... Light reading as the Windows 10 Creator's Update, which is now available, installs (you can also wait until 11 April to get it through Windows Update).

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RE[5]: Too much data, but ...
by daedalus on Thu 6th Apr 2017 12:30 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Too much data, but ..."
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Yes, of course. That data could be collected locally though instead of being constantly transmitted to Microsoft. Then you're in control of what is and isn't sent. If there's a crash, or some sort of performance issue, you have the logs that you can submit if you like.

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ahferroin7 Member since:

That ignores one simple fact however. Unless it makes the software completely useless or ends up costing the user money, most end-users won't ever submit a bug report. Even when reporting a bug is super easy, most people just seem to not want to do it (I personally don't get this mentality, especially when they then invest more effort into complaining about the bug than it would take to actually report it).

On top of that though, it can also be rather hard for a non-programmer to recognize a bug, especially if it's a performance issue. With something like an application segfaulting, it's pretty obvious something went wrong. IF instead the issue is just that it takes a bit longer than it should to do something, then most people won't really notice.

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RE[7]: Too much data, but ...
by Alfman on Thu 6th Apr 2017 14:28 in reply to "RE[6]: Too much data, but ..."
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You make valid points, but at best it calls for switching from "opt-in" (user specifically chooses to send the telemetry data) to "opt-out" (user specifically chooses not to send the telemetry data).

What microsoft has done here with this "basic telemetry" is strip owners of their right to any informed choice as all. This to me shows overt disrespect for customer's wishes.

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